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AnastaciaDate Builds on Past Success, Introduces New Moniker and Options to Speed Romance

AnastaciaDate today announced the gradual changeover to a new domain. Henceforth Anastacia International will be known as AnastasiaDate.com which in a better way reflects the wholesome profile AnastaciaDate projects of her lady members.

AnastaciaDate also announced development and implementation of a new website build that includes a new forward thinking option aimed at quickening clients to their ultimate romantic goal of finding a mate.

The first in a series of new features in the pipeline at AnastaciaDate includes a new program entitled Date a Lady which enables AnastaciaDate’s male membership to have a live engagement arranged by AnastaciaDate with a lady of his choice in her home town. “Date a Lady” takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of international dating as the live meeting is guaranteed or your money back” quips an AnastaciaDate spokesperson. After accepting the appointment, the lady is guaranteed to show up. All that’s required from the gentleman is to step off his flight and attend the sit down with the object of his desire. AnastaciaDate says they have already had their first date since initiating the program a few days ago. Men are already eagerly lining up to take advantage of the sure and secure live face to face format. At last count over 25 meetings have been scheduled within the first three days of launch.

Stay tuned for more news from AnastaciaDate as technological advances spawn an ever growing array of features.


single russian womenukraine women

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AnastaciaDate Turns 15
Premier Global Dating Group Passes Milestone

It all started in March 1993 with 3 Americans, a Canadian, 2 Englishmen, a Swede and a Japanese gentleman recruited from ads in the New York Times and International Herald Tribune. With their hearts in their throats and a fistful of rubles, their commercial Aeroflot flight landed in Moscow for a meeting with destiny, a prospective brides social attended by 45 Russian women and organized by a fledgling dating service calling itself AnastaciaDate. Russian women had long been noted for their ravishing beauty and distinct charm. So at a time when international dating, let alone long distance relationships, were scarce and precarious propositions, AnastaciaDate, co-owned by Russian and American interests, saw a niche and was giving love in Russia a shot.

As The Iron Curtain came down, a flood of western influence and post-Soviet culture swept past each other in a rush towards assimilation. With it, came the admiring glances and open minds of those eager for something different…a taste of the exotic, a break with the past, a different life anchored by an international romantic concept that mixed tradition with modern love.

Rising from the ashes of The Wall’s collapse, and dubbed AnastaciaDate, the small two person outfit comprised of a Russian woman and her American husband initially conducted romance tours to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Owner Elena Sykes expanded the operation to include excursions to Kiev and Odessa for Western men anxious to meet equally eager Russian and Ukraine women. The fever candle was lit.

In December 2003 AnastaciaDate.com was christened and the once diminutive tour group boldly burst forth into the electronic age. Through hard work, plenty of smarts, good timing and bold moves, success and notoriety set in. 14 Valentine’s Days and as many Christmases and New Years later, AnastaciaDate has become the world’s leader in global online dating and romance tours to Russia and CIS.

AI now boasts major office space in the U.S. and Moscow, with more than 300 employees, over 1000 affiliates and an operation that serves every time zone in the world.”Our members now exchange hundreds of thousands of letters daily…” smiles the tall stunning blond spokeswoman for AnastaciaDate, our guide through the Moscow headquarters. “We make hundreds of international phone connections per day, and deliver hundreds of dozens of roses and gifts. Our romance tours have included up to 10 cities from the Black Sea to almost the Arctic Circle.” beams our strikingly beautiful spokesperson. “Our offices never close. We believe that love is an around the clock commitment!” So committed seem the dozens of Russian professionals who have made AnastaciaDate’s Moscow office their home.


  single russian womenukraine women

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Modern Love Makes Supersonic Strides

Ever set up a date with a woman who doesn’t show, let alone call? What if you flew half a world away to a country where you know no one, to a strange exotic city where you don’t speak the language, expecting to meet a woman only to find she won’t be there nor can she be contacted. Ever long to travel to a far away land to meet someone you believe to be exotic and special, but you’re unsure of the failure ratio?

Now, AnastaciaDate, the premiere online dating and romance tour company for introductions to Russian and CIS women for Western men, has created the best (and cheapest) deal in town for dating a foreign woman. It’s called Date a Lady, a modern love formula that comes with an iron clad warranty. How it works is that the good folks at AnastaciaDate set up a date with a woman of your choice on their site (there are over 14,000 Russian and CIS ladies registered on AnastaciaDate).

All you do is step off the plane and show up! For a nominal charge, a gentleman can have his cake and eat it as well, together with everything from vodka to champagne.

The international dating industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years as internet technology and global travel has been enhanced and improved. Internet, email, instant messaging, sms, video chat and international phone service, broadband and satellite communications have helped numerous couples achieve what our parents could only have imagined. Today, a date with a person half way around the world is no longer a pipe dream, but a social phenomenon that is quickly gaining steam and becoming a normal part of the dating scene. Flying to Frankfurt on business? Why not take a few days or even a week and pop over to Moscow (a three hour flight) for a tête-à-tête with a bevy of ravishing Russian beauties equally anxious to meet you. In Paris for a conference? Kiev and Odessa are only a few hours away and are inhabited by the most delicious creatures to strut the former Eastern Block.

Now this concept has been taken a step further. For under $100 the genius cupids at AnastaciaDate will not only schedule you on dates with the most luscious lineup of post Soviet beauties you’ll ever hope to meet, but will guarantee their appearance with bells on! What more can you ask for than a money back agreement for your dating dollar?

As the world’s borders dissolve from advances in technology and the blinding speed of the latest jet, any internationally minded bachelor (and what bachelor nowadays isn’t globally inclined) will tell you that Russian ladies are the cream of the proverbial femme crop. With over 77 million Russian women (most of them specimens of feminine charm and beauty) vs. about 66 million Russian men, the odds defy reason not to fly Aeroflot first opportunity.


single russian womenukraine women

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Flat Rentals in Moscow Gain Popularity as Rack Rates Soar

For the uninitiated, travel and accommodations in Moscow or any CIS city can be daunting. Even in the current financial crisis, Moscow hotels have kept their prices up as demand for occupancy in this money soaked business and tourist Mecca continues to soar. Rumors of price fixing and cartel activity have kept rack rates at lofty levels for years. Tourists and businessmen, with no alternative, have grudgingly paid usurious prices. Add peripheral costs such as city tax and fees for necessities such as per minute internet, airport transfers, visa support and interpreters, and expenditures begin to skyrocket.

Enter relief in the form of a rented flat. A growing alternative for savvy travelers, a flat rental can be welcome relief from the bullying rates charges by Moscow’s hospitality trade. Costs for apartments in Moscow run an average 30% to 50% less than hotel rates for considerably more space. The area provided by a two room flat affords the same approximate living space as a two bedroom hotel suite with the addition of a full kitchen. Many flats feature high rise views and free high speed internet. Add a well stocked fridge, and a flat has it all over a hotel any day of the week.

AnastaciaDate, the industry leader in online dating with offices in the U.S. and Russia, is also a
major player and conduit for affordable long and short term accommodations in Moscow and over 24 major cities in Russia and CIS. Having booked tens of thousands of flats in their 5 years of rental operations, AnastaciaDate has literally hundreds of apartments available to suite every need, in a variety of locations all over any given city. If you’re visiting the country for the first time or otherwise not familiar with transportation in the city, airport transfers are available (and indispensible) for a nominal fee. Visa support is also available as are a variety of other services. Thus a flat arrangement becomes not only economically prudent, but priceless.


single russian womenukraine women

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Modern Love Makes Supersonic Strides

International Women's Day is celebrated around the world, but has special significance in Russia and CIS. Each year Russian Women anxiously await this singular day that honors them in their many dimensions. Hundreds of events are held not just on the 8th, but throughout March to pay tribute to women for who they are and what they ’ve achieved.

A key development for Women's Day came on March 8, 1917 in Russia when women organized mass strikes over the war and a failing economy. At this time Russian women created a sensual revolt of their own. In a restrictive society that controlled voting as well as what women wore, first as a political statement, then out of necessity, Russian women broke out of their traditional mold to fight alongside their men for the revolutions…in pants and boots.

Shedding their petticoats then donning pants that were sometimes several sizes too small, Russian woman soon discovered a new weapon in the fight for freedom. Women found they were able to distract the opposition and at the same time inspire their men to greater feats of heroism by capitalizing on everything from their ankles to their hips in a whole new way. Suddenly, all eyes were on the ladies as boots created a lustful new dimension in the fight for change. Femme revolutionaries strutted proudly for the Bolsheviks October victory in Red Square, parading for the assembled crowds in military uniforms that adorned and enhanced their feminine form.

The historical wardrobe commentary analogizes the transformation from the political to a softer, more
sensual celebration that Women’s Day embraces. As time evolved, the conspicuous demonstrations of
Women’s Day lost out to the power of love and passion in a big way. And although women still wear
pantaloons, their purpose is no longer for political reform, but to prompt men to understand and admire the feminine attitude and form all the better.

It’s perhaps for this very reason Women’s Day has since grown into a Major National Holiday in Russia where women are a provocative species onto their own. On this day men express their love and appreciation for all the women around them in very emotional and sentimental ways. The sale of flowers and chocolates rises dramatically. The birth rate spikes nine months later. Here, the day resembles Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas and New Years combined into one intense sensual celebration of femininity. International Women’s Day is also the first holiday of spring, with traditional green, yellow and white colors seen throughout society reflecting the coming season and the gift of hope and regeneration that women provide.


single russian womenukraine women

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Searching for the essence of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, early established to take place on February 14, day of the Roman feast of fertility and purification (the Lupercalia), became associated with romantic love in the MiddleAges through the influence of Geoffrey Chaucer when the concept of courtly love flourished.

A more compelling version of Valentine’s Day originated in Belarus where it’s said Saint Valentine was so devastated by his lover’s rejection that he cut out his own beating heart and sent it to her as a dramatic symbol of his love. From this gripping tale spawned the traditional Valentine’s Day icon, a blood-red heart, and the gesture of sending its image to the object of one’s desire, typically portrayed as a woman whose charm and beauty are irresistible.

But what then is the essence of Valentine’s Day? What is its absolute iconic form? Many believe the Russians have it down …

The tradition of Valentine’s Day in Russia sheds all vestiges of innocence. As in the bacchanal days of ancient Rome, the holiday in Russia takes on a more seductive character. This is exemplified by the tradition of one company, AnastaciaDate, who specializes in promoting international romance between its membership comprised of over 14,000 single Russian women, and thousands of single Western men. To AnastaciaDate and her legions of believers in true romance, the essence of Valentine’s Day is embodied in the annual selection of their Miss Valentine’s Day, their holiday symbol, their icon. To them she’s the ultimate celebration of beauty and grace, and can only be personified by a Russian woman.

A spokes person for AnastaciaDate proclaims “If you want true romance, experts and many amateurs agree…date a Russian. If you want to experience magical, world class passion, go with a Russian woman.” This year’s lucky AnastaciaDate’s Miss Valentine is 20 year old Miroslava of Odessa (her name means “World Glory” in Russian). A university student in Odessa, Miroslava incarnates the mission of AnastaciaDate’s membership to define the image of perfect romance. To them, as a Russian woman, she epitomizes all the focus of a man ’s eager wishes should be.

Once in the arms of a Russian woman, you’ll be saying “dabavka phazhalsta! ”… more, please!


single russian womenukraine women

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AnastaciaDate Announces AnastaciaDate Today!

AnastaciaDate, the premier online dating and romance tour company for the introduction of Western men and Russian and CIS women, today unveiled their new web quarterly dubbed AnastaciaDate Today. The male entertainment edged news journal, with a more sensual look opposite big sister AnastaciaDate, is drawn up feature oriented, with articles and photos of Russian and CIS celebrities, reviews of city nightlife, dining, and information bytes of interest to the single Western male… just the kind of thing to sink one’s teeth into for the man on the prowl in Eastern Europe.

The first thing one notices about the new net periodical is its quietly dramatic and seductive design. The pages drop you into a world of tasteful sensuality with lots of sex appeal, and tease standards of virtue and sexuality. Images of ravishing temptresses against a backdrop of the Kremlin combine with reviews of sumptuous dining to evoke thoughts of torrid winter affairs with dangerous beauty. The writing is in good taste nevertheless provocative to say the least.

Brainchild of AnastaciaDate’s Public Relations Queenpin Julia Borisenko, the magazine style format is introduced as an adjunct to AnastaciaDate.com in a drive to widen the scope and demographic of core membership. “I wanted to have a look and articles with lots of sophisticated sex appeal, but in good taste such as AnastaciaDate has been promoting all these years. Combining AnastaciaDates images with other icons of Russian and Ukraine beauty, then helping them tell stimulating, timely stories was the goal…” says Borisenko.


single russian womenukraine women

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AnastaciaDate Announces the Annual Miss Valentine

AnastaciaDate, the industry leader in online dating with offices in the U.S. and Russia today announced the schedule for the annual AnastaciaDate’s Miss Valentine competition. Beginning January 26, 2009 with 50 ladies chosen from over 15,000 available database members, the contest will rely on voting from membership, guests and invitees to AnastaciaDate’s site to choose the lady who best expresses the spirit of romantic love.

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, the ladies, all from Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries, will be asked by AnastaciaDate to compose and direct a photograph of themselves in Valentine motif, a sensual pictorial of AnastaciaDate’s contestants in full romantic expression. The photo shoot will be incorporated into an original online Valentine’s card, complete with text, created by each lady in her own inimitable style. Contestants will express their thoughts for their ideal, sensuously romantic Valentine date. Each will describe her ideal man, create their idyllic setting, and depict how she and her man will convey their love for each other in words and actions.

The format of the competition is “winner take all” in a single round of voting. To learn more about the
contest, view the contestants and join the voting, go to AnastaciaDate’s Miss Valentine Contest 2009.

In addition to roses and a certificate of award, the winner will receive significant exposure on AnastaciaDate’s Web and media coverage. Closing day is February 20 when all voting will be tabulated and the winner announced.

Russian and Eastern European women are especially noted for their exceptional beauty, intelligence and particular charm. As a cultural trait, most have strong family values and nesting instinct. The majority are well educated and many hold university degrees.

This year’s competition follows the overwhelming success of the 2008 AnastaciaDate’s Miss Valentine Contest where over 20.000 men from around the world cast their vote. Last year’s contest was won by 20 year old Russian student Ekaterina of Tver.


single russian womenukraine women

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Online Dating Takes a Giant Leap Forward Mail Order
Bride Concept Comes Full Circle

Historically, mail-order brides were women who listed themselves in catalogs to hopefully be selected by men for marriage. In America’s Old West men would fight over printed catalogues of such women, choose a lady from one and have them sent for, many times from foreign countries. Indeed, a colleague retells the story of the elderly gentleman from California who called her office, an online dating service listing women from Eastern Europe, and asked “How will the woman I choose fit into my mailbox? ”

Commercial matchmaking has made huge strides from the time when men would send for a woman sight unseen. A plethora of online dating sites catalogue hundreds upon thousands of women worldwide
advertising marriage and friendship. Some men browse through page upon page of photographs and
descriptions of women in order to find one who meets their criteria. Modern engines improved the search, but the process still required an on-site filtering of the results.

Now, AnastaciaDate, which has been dubbed the premiere dating and tour agency for Eastern Europe with offices in Moscow and the U.S., has developed proprietary software that will bring ladies of a man’s choice directly to his personal email inbox.

A new and free subscription service on AnastaciaDate’s site pre-sorts profiles of newly registered women that match the member’s criteria. The new profiles are then sent directly to the subscriber’s personal email inbox as frequently as they are added to the site. All that is required by the member is a quick, one time set-up. Registered members may also request to receive automatic email updates such as new photos and videos as they are included on existing profiles of women the member has made a “Favorite”.

These improvements to the AI site “enables our clients’ dream girl to come to them.” according to AnastaciaDate spokesperson Elena Sykes. “Now, cumbersome searches are a thing of the past.” “Instead, gentlemen can have a pre-sorted search delivered to their email inbox without lifting a hand…profiles of fabulous women to suit their taste are delivered directly to our members mailbox with ease.”

Now the question is not if a woman will fit in one’s mailbox, but how many will fit…


single russian womenukraine women

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American men spend half
of life hanging over the Phone

The Bangor Maine based leading agency AnastaciaDate, found out that American men spend record number of hours hanging over the phone with their Russian soulmates.

The agency specialized in introducing Russian and Ukrainian women to foreign men, announced that
100,000 phone calls have been placed through its Phone Translation Center since April, 2003.

The Phone Translation service is one of the oldest services provided by AnastaciaDate, along with the service of Correspondence. According to the statistics, about 80% of men make phone reservations after one week of correspondence through the website.

Three-way telephone conference allows callers to hear the voice of the Russian-speaking lady and the
interpreter not only provides high quality translation but also does her best to represent callers in the most favorable light.

Robert met Tatiana through AnastaciaDate. He wrote, “Your service was excellent. When I called Tatiana for the first time, we couldn’t stop talking and didn’t notice how one hour elapsed. The assistance given to
me was very good. The help I got with the first phone calls and later on from the charming girl who helped my newly found love was beyond words, simply perfect. ”


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